Everything You Should Know about Working with Professional House Painters

Though many people prefer to try their hand at doing it themselves when it comes to painting their house, others would prefer to leave the work and hassle to a professional service. If you’re planning on going this route, there are a number of things that you need to know to ensure that your experience goes as smoothly as possible.

What the Painters Will Do will do far more than just slap some paint on your walls. They’ll prep the surfaces by removing any wallpaper or paneling that needs to be taken down, sanding down surfaces that need it, and more. They’ll also provide all of the necessary materials and equipment. They can also give you advice on the type of paint, color choices, and may even offer specialty finishes such as Venetian plaster. They will also usually take care of cleaning up afterward.

What You Need to Take Care Of

While the house painters will take care of most of the work, there are some things that you’ll want to handle yourself to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Have some preliminary color choices ready

Though the painters can give you some general pointers about color choices, it’s always best to at least have an idea of what you’re looking for. They can then give you an advice on how the colors you’ve chosen will work with the lighting and other colors in the room.

Make needed repairs

The painters you hire can prepare the walls for the most part, but if your walls are badly damaged and in need of repair, this will need to be taken care of first. You will want your painters to be working on a smooth, flat surface in order to provide you with the best quality paint job possible. This means fixing dented drywall and cracked areas before the painters arrive.

Clear the room

You will need to remove any pictures from the walls, as well as covering or removing any furniture from the room that you can. This makes the professional house painter’s job easier, allowing them to focus solely on the paint job without worrying about damaging your furniture or antique lamps.

After the Job Is Finished

Before the house painters leave, check carefully to ensure that any spills, drips, or debris have been properly cleaned up. You should also check for any painting flaws or errors that may need to be repaired or redone before they leave. Nothing is worse than finding a poorly covered area or a paint drip on the floor two hours after the painters leave!

You will also want to make an agreement with the house painters on any follow-up maintenance procedures that may need to be done. Most painting services will offer a warranty on their work that covers maintenance touch-ups as necessary for a short period of time following the completion of the work. Make sure you have this in writing; even if you choose a paint that has a guarantee, this won’t cover the cost of the labor needed to fix the flaws – it will only cover more paint.