What to Do in Subic Bay?

Whenever someone thinks of a vacation in the Philippines, Subic Bay is a destination that most likely comes to their mind.  This is because of the place’s gorgeous beaches and world-renowned facilities. If you are thinking what to do in Subic Bay, here are some of your best choice:

Water Activities

There’s more to Subic than relaxing. There are plenty options for water sports that you can try, including a banana boat ride, parasailing and paddle boarding. Aside from the adrenaline rush, the water activities also allow you to work on your core. If you want to go with extreme, try free diving and scuba diving. You can also learn kite surfing and visit small islands through island hopping.

Sunrise and Sunset

The place is known for stunning sunsets and sunrise. Go to the beachside early so you can choose the best spot. If you can’t get a nice shot because of the crowd, you can take a sunset cruise on a sailboat. Watching the sunrise and the sunset can be enjoyed by the whole family and your partner. The good news is, this activity is free.

Local Food

Your vacation won’t be complete without eating seafood. There are a lot of places that offer seafood in Subic. You can go to a talipapa, a wet market that sells fresh seafood. You can also go on the street and taste some of their local snacks. You can have the famous balut, which is a fertilised egg, chicharron, pork fat crackers and more.  The fresh local fruits and coconut juice are a must-have, too: don’t worry as these foods are all clean.


This is also a party haven. You can drink with your friends, dance to the sound of reggae music and watch outdoor acoustic performances. There are a lot of bars you can visit so you don’t need to ask yourself anymore what to do in Subic Bay?

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