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Web Designers Unlock SEO Web Design

SEO is short for search engine optimization. SEO is a highly complicated method that has many factors that compute the search engine position of your website. Usually, SEO companies only complete search engine optimization to already made a website. Also, web design companies can only design a website and simply do not have the experience to perform SEO as well. You are often left with a website that either looks nice but with awful Google placement, or a website that was designed by someone and the SEO Company that you hired has placed a bunch of content and keywords that took away from your design. Why? Why can’t you have both? The answer to that question is simple: Redesign your website using a company that can do both from the start. Starting over is the only way to locking a successful website.

Why should you limit yourself to a website that offers very little of either exposure or looks? Your business is great, and your ideas are even greater. You owe it to yourself to have both the presentation and exposure to secure your next online sale! As SEO companies can charge upwards of $2,200/mo, the best team of web designers charges “2 for the price of one” for work completed done. You can come out with a complete website and SEO package. Why don’t we do the math? A custom website will cost you somewhere around $3,500 minimum. Tack on another $600 for your initial SEO report (takes them about 15 minutes to complete). Also, you have another $700.00/mo for six months of SEO to worry about (and that can take up to 18 months). That is a total of $8,300.00. That alone is a savings of 4,300.00 while you get an ethically designed website that complies with all the codes of ethics of Google.

Let’s face it; SEO companies are not web design companies in nature. Those expertise are divided in two: SEO specialists and Web Design specialists. That is of course until you find a company that is truly good at both. The best web designers are the one of the few groups that can do both. They listen, care, and deliver with excellence. Why should you sell yourself short on either looks or exposure or maybe even both?

Your website is your business goldmine, and you must have the best of both. Getting web designer Sunshine Coast that can accomplish a sleek web design is a must have in today’s world.