Walk In Fridge Troubleshooting Guide

If there’s something that’s ever-present in any decently sized food stop, restaurant or cafeteria, that must be the walk-in fridge. Designed to store a bulk of food stock, these are the lifeblood of businesses everywhere that want easy access to ingredients. If the storage has an issue, it needs to be fix immediately. Here are some ways you can troubleshoot the problem with your fridge:

  • Preventive Measure

First and foremost, it’s best to have an expert to look at the issue of your fridge if it stops working. An emergency service contract with your provider will work wonders, and preventive measures are always the best solution to the problem even happens.

If the power is on for the walk-in fridge but you’re getting nothing from the control panel of the cold room, the possible issue is a blown fuse, shorted transformer or a control board failure. If this is the case, check for wiring issues, restart the circuit breaker or replace the fuse.

  • Compressor Malfunction

If you’re experiencing compressor malfunction but the circuit board for your freezer is working, this is typically a complicated issue that can relate to many different problems. There’s the possibility of the compressor relay tripping, defective coil, a defective contactor or internal thermal overload safeguards have tripped.

In these cases, it’s best to get a refrigeration technician ASAP on site as most of the repairs for this type of problem requires you to repair or replace parts. At a minimum, you should try to wait for the compressor to cool down and restart it. As this continuously happens, a replacement should be in order.

  • High Discharge Pressure

High discharge pressure is caused by a faulty fan, a refrigerant overcharged system or a dirty condenser coil. The solution to this is to replace the fan, clean the condenser coil and restart the system and reclaim the excess refrigerant. This is typically an issue right after repairing a weak refrigeration issue.

  • Suction Pressure

Suction pressure issues in the walk-in fridge result from a problem with load, be it too much or too little, refrigerant issues or evaporator problems. The answer to this is to adjust the load accordingly, add in fresh refrigerant and check refrigeration components if they are dirty or have too much ice in them. Regulate the superheat and try to defrost. Excessively thick ice around the walls can lead to bad internal refrigeration altogether.

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