Vape Store Online: The Best E-Juice Flavours for Beginners

Vape is widely used nowadays as an alternative to cigarette because it has less nicotine and has the best flavours. For beginners, you need to check out vape store online to purchase limited edition e-juices. It is recommended to try light choices to prevent dizziness and light-headedness. Listed below are the best flavours for beginners:

Menthol or minty chocolate

Just like the usual cigarettes, the menthol e-juice can give you a cool sensation in the mouth. It is recommended because it’s light, fresh and not harsh to the taste. Most people choose mint because it’s like smoking cigarettes. It soothes your throat and relaxes your mood.

Only purchase on trusted vape store online to prevent fake items and low-quality flavours. It’s okay to spend a little more money to ensure the quality of the product. Cheap items that can be purchased on the streets aren’t as concentrated as the ones you can purchase online.

Fruity options

There are a lot of e-juices to try including raspberry, strawberry, watermelon and even banana. If you like the taste of fruits, then choose a fruity flavour. It’s a sweet treat to your mouth plus, it feels light to the palate. It’s as if you’re just eating a banana or melon.


This one is a non-tobacco liquid variant which offers a sweetness to the mouth. Unlike the fruity flavour, vanilla has a coffee of hazelnut kick which is a nice treat for the tongue. The sugary taste of fruits is different compared to vanilla because it has a woody aroma.


After meals, you can just puff the smoke of chocolate for a perfect meal-ender. You can prevent a toothache because chocolate will not be stuck in your teeth. The taste is unique and flavourful that will give you a satisfaction every puff of smoke.

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