Usual Reason for Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are one of the most common type of land vehicle and is also one of the most prone to road accidents as per statistics. It is therefore in your interest to learn more about the common causes of such accidents and the personal injury law that applies in such cases. This way, you not only reduce your own risk level, you also make the road safer for other drivers and pedestrians and avoid personal injuries that might occur.

Unexpected Turns by Vehicles Ahead

Another major cause of motorcycle accidents is a sudden unexpected turn by the vehicle ahead. This inevitably leads to a collision if the motorcyclist cannot apply the brakes in time. However, if the bike is going at top speed, it is difficult to stop or swerve suddenly.
Even if you manage to do so, there are chances of the bike skidding and you getting hurt seriously. Also, if you are riding down the wrong lane, personal injury law provisions will hold you responsible and you will receive less compensation. Personal Injury Lawyers Brisbane will give you a legal advise once you were involve on such accidents. See

Lane Splitting

This is a common occurrence when vehicles are stuck in a traffic jam when motorcyclists try to move ahead by riding through slow moving or idling vehicles. However, this can be potentially hazardous to the rider because of the dangerously close proximity of the motorcycle to the other vehicles. There is little space to manoeuvre the motorcycle safely and any minor movement by the other vehicles can lead to a collision.

Moreover, other drivers are not on their alert when the vehicles are idling at traffic intersections which further increase the chances of collision.

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