Types of Crimes

Crime has been a part of man’s history since time immemorial. Every country has its own set of rules and laws that citizens are supposed to follow. However, the increase in population, corporate exposure and competition among other factors has led to a large rise in crimes too.

There are several different kinds of crimes. Most countries broadly categorize crimes based on their nature and severity or number of people affected.


Violence can come in various forms. When an individual attacks another person and it results in severe injury, it can be an act of violence. Based on the nature of the attack, the use of weapons and other such features the court of law will suggest punishments or confine the criminal to jail.

Violence can be caused by various factors. Internal disputes, burglary attacks, sexual assaults, etc. can all be considered acts of violence. See Criminal Lawyers Sydney

In order to differentiate between other types of crimes and violence, it is important to remember one thing – in an act of violence one party gets injured severely, thereby forcing him to take the attacker to court.

Property crime

Several people may commit crimes related to property. While some may conduct acts or arson, wherein they burn down their property for insurance purposes, others may intentionally vandalise others property for personal gain.

There are several kinds of property crimes, but in general when a person damages existing property or uses someone’s property or their own for illegal conducts, it can be considered property crime.