Tips for Having a Wedding Function Room Hire

A wedding function room hire is a great idea for your reception. Since it’s a celebration, make sure you take great care in selecting your location. After all, it’s a moment that you’ll remember forever. If you’re looking for a venue that suits your needs, here are a few considerations.

Consider your budget

Your budget should be your primary consideration when it comes to hiring a wedding function room. With all other considerations for the nuptials, how much are you willing to spend on the reception? When planning for your budget, make sure to include:

  1. Table and chair rentals – Some venues provide these, others will require you to rent from a third party. Always ask the manager if they provide seating arrangements.
  2. Decoration costs – All venues will need some form of decoration. The basics are the tablecloths, flowers, centrepieces and stage décor. It’s preferable to choose a location that doesn’t need a lot of added accessories.
  3. Party favours – It’s common practice to give party favours at the reception, but it’s not mandatory.

Allot money for these three items and see how much you’ve got left. The leftover money will be your budget for the venue.

Consider your guests

Naturally, a bigger guest list will require a bigger venue. It also follows that a bigger guest list requires you to spend more on food and drinks. Make sure you consider your budget when planning out your invitations.

You’ll want a venue that’s not too large or small. A place that’s too big won’t be helpful for your guest. It will also give an air of impersonality to the room. On the other hand, a venue that’s too cramped is just as bad.

Your wedding function rooms should be chosen carefully and methodically. These tips should help you pick a venue that’s right for your needs.