Tips for Cleaning Vape Tanks

Switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping is a good decision for you and the people surrounding you. This keeps friends and family away from the dangers of inhaling second-hand smoke. However, you need to take proper care of your unit. This can help you avoid additional costs from replacing any part or buying an entirely new device. Here are tips you should follow when cleaning vape tanks:

Disassemble Your Device

The first thing you should do is to take apart your vape unit. Remove all electronic parts including the coil and batteries. This allows you to clean, even the smallest crevices of your unit and remove all dirt. Make sure to keep all relevant parts properly to avoid losing them.

Use Cleaning Solutions

Use a cotton bud to reach the deeper and less accessible surfaces of your tank. For more thorough cleaning, you can wash your tank with soap and rinse with water.

If you prefer deeper cleaning, you can use rubbing alcohol or high-proof and flavourless vodka. Remember, one of the most effective cleaning agents is alcohol. It helps break down juice stains and remaining substances. You can soak your tank to make sure no marks will be left.

Replace Coils

Refillable devices with replaceable coils need extra care. You need to pay attention to the state of your coil. These parts have a lifespan of about a week or two, depending on your usage. Using burnt coils can be risky to your health as you can inhale undesirable chemicals. Make sure to replace your coil once your vapours get a burnt taste.

Handle Your Device with Care

Keep in mind that your device runs on electricity, so getting electronic parts wet can damage them. This is why you should remove electrical parts before cleaning with water or soaking in alcohol. In addition, you should make sure that all parts of your vape are dry before reassembling them.

Take care of your vape tanks by following these steps. For more information about this product, get in touch with iVape Australia.