Things to pack for a Snow Holiday

We’ve for you a simple guide to smart packing for your next snow holiday. We have covered here must have items that you should pack when going for a holiday in the mountains.
The most important thing to carry with you is a good pair of goggles to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays. Many people tend to think that they wouldn’t need them for snow holidays, but the fact is that even on a cloudy day, UV rays are very strong in snow. For the same reason, also carry with you sunscreen and lip balm.

Carry along a good pair of nylon gloves, instead of the leather ones. It is strongly recommend that the gloves are water proof and have enough insulation. Another important thing is to remember to carry gloves that can “breathe”, especially if you’re planning to ski. Your body produces moisture and a glove that ‘‘breathes’’ would allow it to move away from your skin and evaporate, so that you avoid becoming damp or wet inside your ski clothing.

Many people going for snow holidays carry with them two or more thick layers of socks. However, all you need is a well-fitting pair of boots that keep your feet warm. All you need your socks for is to absorb the moisture away from your feet and keep them comfortable. Hence, pack thin socks, without many seems. They should also be able to go beyond the top of your boot. Choose socks made of wool or polypropylene. Never use a cotton sock, as they hold moisture against the skin. The socks that are specially designed for snowboarding or skiing may be slightly expensive, but are completely worth the cost.

Snow Holiday

Another important thing that you’d need when skiing or snowboarding is a helmet. Apart from protecting you from head injuries, they also keep you warm, as about 60% of body heat can escape from your head if not covered. It is also recommended that you carry woolen hats or a beanie when on snow holidays. To keep yourself warmer, also carry a nice woolen scarf.

Carry with you long-johns and long-sleeved skivvy tops made from superfine merino wool or polypropylene. They need to be thin and fit you well. When you wear long-johns, don’t wear them tucked inside your boots. A mid layer of fleece should be worn over this. They’re very light and warm, and wick the moisture away from your body. Fleeces can be very warm, so it’s advisable to buy one that can be unzipped fully or partially. Your outer-layer garments should be windproof, waterproof and be able to breathe.