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Things to Learn from China Import Formula Seminar

Planning on starting up an online store? Perhaps you want to get more affordable, but high-quality products? Whether you already have a business, or you are thinking of establishing one, you can learn a thing or two from China Import Formula (CIF), a series of seminars conducted by Brendan Elias. Here are some lessons you can discover by joining CIF:

What Products to Sell

You need to look for products that will pique the interest of your target market. If you want to cater to children or teenagers, you should find age-appropriate products that will catch their attention. For techies, you should look for the latest and coolest gadgets. CIF can help you choose popular and affordable items that fit your target market.

Where to Get Your Items

Once you decide on the item you want to import, it would seem like a challenge to find trustworthy and reliable suppliers. You will need to find manufacturers that produce functional and durable items without the high price tag. Good thing Brendan offers free seminars that can help you look for dependable manufacturers that offer the best deals.


China Import

Aside from tips for getting good deals, you need to find a way to sell your items. There are various options on how you will distribute your items. Brendan suggests posting classified ads, finding distributors and selling directly to stores. These options require warehouses to store your products in.

If you do not have a storage space, it would be more convenient to look for drop shippers. These service providers will store your items. They will also deliver your customers’ orders straight from their storage.

Expert Help Can Get a Long Way

Getting help from experts can give you the boost you need. At CIF, you can consult industry specialists regarding the intricacies of importing. Attending their free workshops and webinars can equip you with the knowledge you need. With their help, you have higher chances of success.

Register with China Import Formula to get access to the secrets of importation. Brendan Elias and his team of experts will be happy to help you.