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Things to Know Before Buying a Water Cooler

Owning a water cooler has become a must-have appliance for both business owners and homeowners. It not only provides a cool and refreshing drink but also prevents employees from taking multiple breaks just to buy a bottled water outside the office.

It’s different from a dispenser

If what you have is a non-electric one, it’s not called a cooler. So, if you’re opting for the convenience of not having to cool ice in the freezer, best to go for an electric one.

It comes in different styles

Consider where you’re going to be placing your water cooler first. For the office, a freestanding one is the best to go since employees will need all the desk and counter space they can use.

As for a home, a countertop type is good for an indoor setting while a freestanding one is best placed in garden sheds and patios.

Just remember that a countertop type comes with a smaller compressor, making it not as cool as a freestanding one.

It usually comes with special features

You don’t need to turn your cooler like a shower lever because it usually comes with a faucet that releases hot or lukewarm water and one that gives off a cool one. Some models also come with protection such as child locks to prevent them from getting burned by hot liquid.

Aside from faucets and child protection locks, there are those that come with a built-in filtration system. This way, you don’t need to spend extra cash on buying pre-filled containers. But if it does come with this feature, be sure to properly disinfect your containers.

It has a large capacity level

It can accommodate large containers weighing up to 2-5 gallons. To be sure, confirm the shop or website from where you ordered it.

A water cooler has given the convenience and practicality people in their homes and offices. Visit Water Cooler Superstore’s website to find the right one for your place today!