The Responsibility of Bond Cleaning

A landlord is like a Good Samaritan in many instances. Without him, you cannot live in a strange place comfortably and safely. The landlord is kind enough to lease their own homes or units for people they barely know and get acquainted with. All he ask of you is to take care of the property as he would have taken care of it for himself. Leasing property is not all about money. It is a kind of arrangement that has helped many people live well especially those who have no money to buy their own home.

Landlord Tenant Relationship

A landlord tenant relationship is established upon entering into a lease contract agreement. The agreement stipulates all the terms and conditions that would make the stay of the tenant in the landlord’s property favorable for both of them. The contract need not be complicated to take effect. It only requires the duration of the lease, the amount of rental, the payment of damages in case of negligence of the tenant and the responsibility of the tenant to take care of the property especially the internal areas of the building to take effect. Any violation of the stipulated terms of the agreement will end the contract.

Bond Cleaning

Even before the tenant stays in the house/building, the landlord will ask for a bond money together with an advance rental payment to ensure that he has something to hold on if case he meets an irresponsible tenant. The landlord has no time to investigate the personal background of the occupant especially in emergency cases when the tenant needs a place to stay.

The bond money will not be the sole ownership of the landlord. It will be reimbursed to the tenant after termination for the contract. However, in Australia, landlords require their tenants to clean up the place first before moving out in order to receive reimbursement of the bond. This cleaning requirement is often called bond cleaning.

Bond cleaning can be done through hiring competent people to do the job. This will ensure that the quality of cleaning be done to exceed a normal cleaning. In this way, the responsibility of the tenant to take care of the place will be achieved. The tenant can thank the landlord’s accommodation without leaving any mess and can create a favorable response for the next interested occupants.

There are many areas of the house to be cleaned up upon termination of the lease agreement. Hiring bond cleaning Melbourne is a correct decision that one could think of to comply with this requirement.