Termite Management Tips

Many houses in Australia face the problem of termites. Termites are the worst nightmare as they eat the wood in your house and destruct it. Termites are often referred to as white ants because of their pale appearance. Termite management may not be easy but with thorough treatment, you can eradicate them from you house. Follow it with regular pest inspections and your house will be termite proof. Read more Building inspections Melbourne

If your house is vulnerable to termites, then you need to seek help from pest inspection Sunshine Coast and remember a few things. Termites are attracted to wood. Which means you have do away with timber stacks, old dumps and building waste around the house. You have to remove the entire extra wood stack from the basement. Water is another element that draws termites. Therefore, it is time to fix leaking water pipes, drains and capture the water from air condition units. Moreover, it may be a sound idea to upgrade into a Commercial air conditioning. Keep your house dry as termites thrive in humid conditions.

Arrange for termite inspections

The first thing you need to do for termite management is to arrange for a professional Pest Inspections and surrounding area. The inspection report for an average house will cost $250 to $300 depending on the location, type of construction and ease of inspection areas. A professional will use moisture meter, thermal imaging cameras and termite detectors while inspecting the house and would advice what method of termite management is best for you. He would advice on the kind of treatment required to make your house termite-free.