Why LED Lighting is Safe for the Environment

LED is the acronym for light emitting diode. LED lighting is the revolutionary type of lighting that is energy and cost efficient. LED lighting is believed to be good for the environment for many reasons:

1)     LED lighting has no mercury traces. We all know the harmful effects of mercury to the environment, but LED is mercury-free and it is not known to produce ultra violet. If you are still using ordinary light bulbs and you break it accidentally, the traces of mercury if come in contact to skin can lead to blindness. Inhalation of mercury can lead to dysfunctions in the central nervous system. Add to that the bad effect to garbage landfills.

2)     LED is energy- efficient, meaning the energy of LED is converted to light and heat. But LED only converts five percent to heat while the ninety percent is converted to light. The opposite is true in the case of fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs. In other words, an 84 watts fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs and 36 watts LED lighting produce the same amount of brightness. So you can just imagine the amount of energy that you can save if you will shift to LED. Decreased energy use means reduced demand of power and less greenhouse emissions.

3)     LED lighting produces bright light even if you will only use 34 watts. There is no need for you to use more than one light bulb because a single LED can emit strong and powerful brightness. This is because the configuration of LED lighting is that it focuses light distribution in one area unlike ordinary light bulbs which diffuse light in all directions which will result in giving light or brightness to areas where it is not needed such as the ceiling. Thus, LED is good for the environment because you do not need to use numerous light bulbs. Less means decreased consumption of energy.

4)     LED lighting can be used for a long period of time which means less carbon dioxide emission. LED, if turned on non-stop can continue to provide brightness for an average of eighty to one hundred thousand hours. Thus, you do not need to buy every now and then new light bulbs.  This means less production, less use of packaging materials, and less use of transportation.

It is time to be kinder to the environment and shift to LED lighting. Everyone has a responsibility to make our planet a safer place to live. Buy your LED’S at LED lighting distributor New Zealand now.