Princess Fairy Party Supplies

You can zing up the party by sending cute little invitations to the guests. A good Princess Fairy Party Supplies store will have a wide variety of paper, ribbons and small bags to choose from for the invitations.

You can choose a special font for printing or use a special calligraphy style and pen for handwritten invitations. You can get your daughter to stick glittery signs onto it. You can roll them up and tie with ribbons to make it look like scrolls.

Party Decorations

A Princess Fairy Party is essentially pink, glittery and sparkly. Use small lights, pink cloth etc for the decorations. Princess Fairy Party Supplies stores will have themed matching table ware, curtain and wall decorations. Pink pom-poms, translucent drapes, pink and white balloons, ribbons etc will help create the mystical magical aura.

You can cut out star and moon patterns with silver and gold paper and hang them from the ceiling. You can decorate the entrance as a castle gate with lights and shiny paper so that the guests get a feel of the party right when they enter.

Themed Food

Most of the creatures and surroundings in a fairy tale are mythical and magical. You can name your food according to that. You can get pink cake and small pink cup cakes, pink jelly and candy floss. That would add to the theme of Princess Fairy Party.
You can cut out sandwiches in start or heart shapes. You can easily get different moulds and cut outs from a store that offers Princess Fairy Party Supplies.