Know How to Distinguish The Perfect Bean

A perfect cup of coffee is a much a product of labour, as it as a reflection of the journey the coffee bean has undergone. From estate to factory to the packet and into your cup, a coffee bean goes through a long and arduous journey and the taste of the coffee is affected at every stage by these processes. Making the perfect cup requires being able to distinguish one variety of online coffee beans from the other and finding out what makes one different than the other.

The flavour of coffee from a particular variety of coffee bean depends a lot on its constituent compounds – like the aromatic oils, and the carbohydrate content- and the caffeine content of the bean. Also, many estates grow other spices along with coffee which can also alter its taste and give it a characteristic flavour.

Know your flavours

Some people might think that the technique of flavouring coffee is a new thing, but this practice has been around for over a century now. Initially, coffee was flavoured with spices and condiments like cinnamon and cardamom, and now we use many other flavours like strawberry essence, vanilla, hazelnut, mint, and so on. The use of the correct flavours in the right brew can make for a wonderful and refreshing cuppa – such that your friends may not have had before. Do not be afraid to try, and when your friends ask you for the recipe you can always wax eloquent on how you have made an age old practice your own private art.

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