How to Choose A Black Dress

If it is a formal social gathering that you’re attending, then embellish the black dress by wearing a pair of dangling earrings. There’s no need to wear a neckpiece. And if you’re going out for a casual gathering, then you could try and wear a pair of studs, and similar necklace made of precious or semi-precious stones.

The Fit

Make sure the black dress does not look too fitted on your body, else it will invariably emphasize in the body-flaws that should be ideally concealed. If required go in for a dress-alteration. It’s a good investment, and will help you dress effectively without putting you in an embarrassing situation.


It’s a good thing to have some decorative embroidery at the hem or the hem-cut of the dress. It’s a nice way to take away attention from your upper-body region.

Clothes to Wear in Office meetings

A board room meeting calls for black shirt and a white top or any light shades. In addition if you know that you are going to have a busy day at work with back-to-back meetings, then sleek black skirt and vegetable heels will keep you prepared for the marathon day.

However, if your office is celebrating a colleague’s birthday or anniversary, wearing a black dress will look over the top. Therefore, an A-line skirt with a flowery print will look best for celebrations.

When you choose any types of clothes just like an evening dress, make sure you are comfortable and confident in wearing them.