Guides in Buying Diamonds Online

For a novice, there is so much to learn on what to look for when buying diamonds online. Price is not a factor when choosing a diamond, but the quality like the cut, the color, and the clarity, and the carat are the important factors to look for. These 4c’s are the factors that determine the price of a diamond.

The cut

If you will buy diamonds online, bear in mind that the shape of the diamond is referred to as the cut. You have to be keen when looking for the proportion, the symmetry and the finish of the diamond. The cut has a huge effect on the diamond’s brilliance and fire which makes a diamond a cut different from the rest. The amount of light that enters a diamond is dependent on the cut. The brilliance, the fire, and the scintillation are dependent on how a diamond is cut.

The color

Diamonds Online offers buyers with many color options to choose from. The color of the diamond is one of the determining factors on the price. Diamonds have its own color scale, from D to Z. The color D is colorless and the color z is zed or yellow –colored diamond. You will notice in diamonds online that the colorless diamond is the most expensive of all. Why? because the color white exudes more brilliance and fire as compared to the yellowish diamonds.


When looking for clarity, eye for the inclusions. These are caused by the conditions during the phase when the diamond is cut. These inclusions are blemishes on the diamonds like scratches, surface graining, and polish lines. The range of clarity is from flawless to Pique 3. The higher the clarity grade, the cleaner the diamond.


This is the weight of the diamond. If you buy diamonds online, the higher the carat is, the more expensive the diamond is. Do not mistake size with carat as the size is measured in millimeters. Determining the carat of a diamond can be a little complicated because two diamonds with equal carat may differ in size. This is because the clarity, the color, and the cut are also factors when it comes to determining the carat of a diamond. One carat of a diamond is divided into 100 points. In effect, diamonds online that weigh quarter of a carat is .25 carats. The ideal carat of a diamond is dependent on the shape of diamond.

When buying diamonds online, always bear in mind the 4C’s and the combination of these four is the determining factor of the price of a diamond.