Contact Lenses – Why should you not overuse this product?

One product which is extremely popular today is Contact lenses. What are the reasons behind its popularity?

  • Easy to use- These lenses are extremely simple to you. They can be worn all day and removed in the night.
  • Allows you to look fashionable- The cosmetic versions of these lenses are very much in demand. People opt for sports based lenses to show their support to their team.
  • Helps you correct all your vision faults- The medicinal versions of these lenses are used to correct any defect and administer medicines direct to the eye.

However, like any other product, these lenses can also cause a number of complications. The basic reasons for these complications are that Contact lenses have to be worn directly on the eye. Secondly, the user has to directly place them on the eye manually. Both these actions are extremely risky.

The first complication is scratching of the cornea. This happens when the person tries to place the lens on the cornea. There has to be an equal amount of pressure and delicate handling applied to fix the lens. However, sometimes with rigid or hard lenses, the person may end up damaging the cornea. The best way to prevent this is to take your time and ensure that the lenses are placed gently over the cornea.

The second complication is eye infections from solutions used to store the Contact lenses. Every type of lenses – both cosmetic and medical, has to be stored in a solution. Since the case containing the solution has to be opened at every instance to store or remove the lenses, the risk of exposure to dust is very high. If the lenses are stored in such an infected solution, they will pass on the infection to the user. Hence, always ensure that the solution is cleaned and the case is free from dust.

The third complication is called as red-eyes. One of the most common complications faced by lens wearers is redness in the eyes. This happens when the lenses are not cleaned properly and then inserted in the eye. This is not a serious complication. More often than not, wearers feel an itching in their eye and find it difficult to continue wearing the lenses. In such cases, they should remove the lenses and clean it. They should also wash their eyes and then carefully place the lenses in their eyes.

The fourth complication is called as epithelial necrosis. Necrosis is a medical term used to denote the death of skin cell. Every type of Contact lenses comes with a prescription. View here. In this prescription one crucial aspect is the amount of time a lens can be worn. This is crucial and varies from different types of lenses. However, sometimes the wearers overshoot the prescribed time. Repeated instances of such an action will damage the epithelial cells in the eye.

So, if you are a wearer of these lenses, please contact your physician and be aware of all the symptoms.