Buying Coffee Beans

While the origin of the bean may influence the taste and flavour, the type of roast does so too in several ways. Most coffee makers therefore also mention the type of roast on their packaging.

In short, beans that are lightly roasted and lighter in colour and lower in flavour. Medium to dark roasts offer stronger, darker flavours. Dark roasts do not necessarily mean that the bean is dark in colour. It could also denote that the bean is more consistent in flavour.

These are the most basic aspects to keep in mind or differences to understand thoroughly when you buy coffee beans.

The origin of the bean

There is a reason as to why most coffee bean manufacturers mention the origin of the bean on their packages. The origin of the bean largely influences the type of brew and flavour at the end of the day.

The most common regions that grow coffee are Africa, Latin America, Indonesia and the Pacific region. In short, beans grown in Latin America are lighter, sweeter and a favourite choice for breakfast brews.

Those grown in and around Africa are stronger in taste and darker in colour. They may also be bitter. However, beans grown in Africa are often considered to be better in quality.

Indonesian  coffee beans offer earthier flavours. Based on the origin of the bean and the difference in characteristics, you can accordingly choose what type would interest you more.

Many of us are coffee lovers because of its distinct taste and flavour.