Buying a Commercial Fridge

Buying a new commercial fridge is very much like purchasing a car. Just as you won’t settle for the first model of car you come across, you’ll are unlikely to buy the first refrigerator or cooler you see in the showroom.

There are various brands of fridges that are promoted by manufacturers and suppliers of assorted refrigerated equipment and each model has an USP that demarcates it from others.

One might be more spacious while another might be more durable and yet another will use energy more efficiently. The idea is to go for a model that will be tailor made for your specific requirements and also within your budget.

Guarantees and warranties

This is another vital aspect that you should take into consideration while buying a commercial fridge. A guarantee is offered over the life of the product by the OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) whereas a warranty is usually offered for servicing and maintenance, and replacement parts by the service centres.

Although all models and brands come with guarantees, a company that has an extensive network of service centres at prominent locations will be better placed and equipped to repair your unit in case of a breakdown.

Dimensional aspects

If you have a restaurant that sees a large turnout of diners every alternate day and especially on weekends, you’d need a ready stock of a large amount of food items both processed and unprocessed everyday. So you’d need to compare the external and internal dimensions of a few standard models. Two brands having identical external dimensions might have varying internal dimensions.