Making Sure Your Caravan Is Safe During Hibernation

Vehicles no matter what types are not cheap, in fact, they are generally expensive, that is why, during the times when they can’t be used because of the season like during winter, they must be stored properly so that at the time you need to use them again, they are in perfect condition. Like for example a caravan, caravans are most of the time used in long travels and most of the time they are with heavier loads because of the bigger capacities. When you have yours for hibernation, you must see to it that it is in a safe place and it is well taken care of to make sure that everything is still in good condition. If this is your first time to store a caravan, you might have no idea as to the proper way of storing it.

So, to help you in this ordeal, here are some tips:

–    First thing you should consider is the caravan storage facility. Your caravan should be stored in a safe location like there are no hazardous elements that might damage your caravan during hibernation. There are already a lot of caravan storages around, you can even find one online, just be resourceful and check out the credentials of your prospect.

–    Since you will be leaving your vehicle for a long time, see to it that the windows are perfectly sealed, so that it cannot be entered by any form of precipitations. If there rubber seals that are not working anymore, then better replace them before totally leaving your vehicle.

–    Do not leave the gas cylinders behind, remove them from the vehicle and then see to it that they are placed in a ventilated location.


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–    Before leaving your vehicle for storage, make sure that it is totally clean, using the appropriate cleaning materials, thoroughly clean all parts of your caravan especially the exterior part like the walls and also the windows.

–    If you are storing your vehicle in your own property but not really near your place, like just a walking distance, better be ready with possible burglars. Remove everything that is of value like TVs,   or radio units and many others. Then, to ensure its security, it would be best to install security products like an alarm or a security camera to deter possible burglars.

–    If you want to cover your vehicle, that is perfectly fine as long as the cover is made of breathable cloth, because condensation and moulds might be formed underneath it.

–    See to it that your vehicle is not under big trees as some parts of that tree might fall down and hit your vehicle.

–    Lastly, make sure that there is no more water in the water heater. Empty it up following the manual for your type of vehicle.

Again, if you can afford to rent for a caravan storage space that would be the best option for storing your vehicle as they usually have someone to stay on guard to ensure its safety.