How to Tell When Your Website Needs an Update

In order for your business to be successful in this day and age when websites have replaced brick-and-mortar stores and digital marketing overshadows printed media, you need to make sure that your website is up-to-date. When you notice how unattractive your website has become compared to your competitors’ you better find a good website designer pronto! Here are the signs your website needs the magical touch of Auckland website designer:

Obsolete appearance

Technology changes very fast these days. The same is true for websites. A reliable website designer will tell you that your text-heavy website will be left unnoticed. Visual media is what’s important and popular these days. When did you last call a website designer to give your website a facelift?

Slow and unresponsive

Plain color scheme, slow response, unattractive images that takes hours to load are a few signs of a dying website. A website designer can provide you with a website that has attractive color schemes and is compatible with the latest devices and browsers. If your website takes forever to load, your visitors will leave and move on to a better place namely your competitors’ page.

Weak and uninteresting

When you finally get your old website touched-up by a website designer, your job isn’t finished yet. You have to make sure you continue filling it with useful and interesting content. You should employ effective SEO to drive costumers to your website. Failing to do so will leave your website design useless since nobody will be there to use its features.

Lack of security

Brick-and-mortar stores need security guards to make sure the merchandise, the cash register, and the customers are safe. When it comes to websites, you need to tell your website designer to come up with something that complies with the policies and procedures of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. This is compulsory among business websites that take credit card details and process payments using customer data.

If you see one or all of these things in your website, you better find a website designer right away before you lose your customers.