Home Security and Safety Tips for seniors

Retirement time is considered to be one of the best times in a person’s life. You can relax and finally enjoy the fruits of the labor that you had to undergo throughout your entire life to sustain yourself and make a mark for yourself. However, seniors can have a hard time regarding safety issues. If you have elderly people staying at home there are few things you can do to keep them safe and secure.

Security essentials

It’s important to get good quality locks installed on the windows and doors. Don’t try to use the doormat or the mailbox as places to store keys. These are easy obvious places for anybody who wants to break into your house. It’s safer to leave extra keys with a neighbor.

Be extra careful while admitting service men or delivery guys inside your home, check their ID Proof carefully.

Always make sure that the street number and apartment number is well lighted with zero obstructions so that it’s easy for emergency services to locate the house quickly.

Buying alarm system is essential. You should have one for security purposes.

Things to avoid

Never fall for anything which sounds fantastical like free holidays or zero investment high return policies etc.

Never divulge your bank details or credit card details to telemarketers over the phone. Don’t sign any papers before reading them thoroughly.

If a person or situation makes you nervous don’t stay on. Call up neighbors/ friends and move around in a group.