Commercial Air Conditioning System

A commercial air conditioning unit will have a blower and a few other parts that comprise the air handling unit. The job of the blower and other parts is to circulate the air through the AC ducts. This air is later distributed all across the building.

Indoor Evaporator

A network of tubes makes up the indoor evaporator. The ingredient that fills up these tubes is called refrigerant. When this refrigerant substance is transformed into gas through evaporation, it becomes capable of eliminating humidity and heat from the indoor air.

Outdoor Fan

The function of the outdoor fan is to attract and draw air through the middle of the condenser coil for dispersing heat.

Outdoor Compressor

Compressors in a commercial air conditioning unit can be of several different kinds. Compared to scroll type compressors, reciprocating compressors create more trouble. However, scroll type compressors can be pretty expensive. But they run quietly because of the quiet motor and is more energy efficient. So, if you wish to save money in the long run, you should definitely invest in energy efficient scroll type compressors. AC manufacturers sell both kinds of compressors in the market as there is a demand for both.

It is entirely possible that your commercial air conditioning unit can malfunction from time to time. That is why, you should schedule annual check-ups for your AC units. See Commercial air con installs Brisbane. If any part requires replacement, you can call your AC repair company who will repair your malfunctioning AC and install or replace the necessary parts. In many cases, the dealers who stock replacement parts, themselves arrange for installation.