Carpet Cleaning Services

Reduces Cleaning Time by Half

Carpet Steam cleaning Melbourne offers a double job of cleaning and drying the carpet at the same time. They provide  a cleaning time by 50 percent and leaves you with more time to invest in other more fruitful pursuits.

Removes Odours and Stenches

If your carpet is stinking horribly and no amount of vacuum cleaning can cut out the stench, it is time to steam clean it. Stinking carpet odours are caused by a build up of fungi, bacteria, pet urine and food debris along with other factors.

Steam carpet cleaners can reach deep inside the fibres and eliminate the unbearable odour that had turned your house into a filthy hell. Carpet steam cleaners are usually capable of eliminating almost all kinds of carpet stenches and bad odours that spoil the home environment.

Increases Resale Value of your Home

Regular carpet steam cleaning increases the longevity of your carpet and adds value to your existing home. It also positively influences the resale value of your home. See Property Inspections

Your carpets will look brand new and smell great after a round of steam cleaning. This is another reason why homeowners steam clean their carpets before selling their homes. Steam cleaning your carpets helps to impress prospective homebuyers.

Eco Friendly

Carpet steam cleaning is also environment friendly as it makes use of only hot water and suctioning and doesn’t leave behind any toxic residue that can be harmful for your kids and pets. The cleaning or sanitising method does not involve any harmful chemicals, which is why it is so eco friendly.