Asking a Stripper Out

    If you are a party guy and usually go out to find some clubs in the middle of the night, then you must be familiar with the strippers. They are the one who dances on stage sometimes showing some part of their body. But the question is; have you tried asking them out for a date? It is really hard to please them knowing that they don’t want their costumers to enter their private life. But you can try some of these tips.

•    Give a good offer. If you really want to catch their attention, try on giving them a good offer that you can. Most of them enter that kind of job to support their financial needs. If you can provide financial support for them, then this will be the fastest way for you make them agree to date with you.

•    Good quality club. If you are trying to find a one who is not after your money, go to some nice clubs and observe. Sometimes, the quality of club and the environment can also tell what kind of workers they have there.

•    Be early. Being early can make you catch the attention of the girls working there. By this you can also see how they act while they are still relaxing and don’t need yet to make actions.

•    Be a gentleman. Although they are doing this kind of job, Strippers should be still treated as a lady.  They don’t want to get the feeling of being dumped or taken advantage by men. Doing this can catch their attention and a possibility of liking you more than anyone.

•    Stick to one. If you are really dedicated to win the girl you want, you can always tip her on stage. Focus on her and never let anyone to catch your attention. It is important for you to show her how interested you are with her.

•    Ask her out. It is now time for you to ask her to go out for a date. Try to be nice on asking her and don’t offer money. If she refuses to, keep on trying to please her in a nice way. But if she keep you on pushing away, it’s time for you to stop and don’t force her anymore.

•    Be prepared. If you are already on the stage of dating. Be prepared of the possibility that some guys might recognize her and catch more attention in public.

•    Understanding. Never forget to have this on your mind. If you choose to date a one of the strippers, then you must understand how their work works. It is best to show them your support for their work. Whatever they are doing, keep in mind that they do this to earn money. Be the first one who will make them feel loved and accepted.

Whatever a woman’s job will be, never forget that they are women and they are human. The  strippers deserve to be treated equally and well, they deserve to be respected, and they deserve to be loved. It is easy to judge someone by how we can see them, but it is not easy to understand someone by just looking at them.