4 Ways Professional Hypnotherapy Helps Stop Smoking

Professional Hypnotherapy

Quitting from a bad habit is indeed a difficult road to face. This is why there are more Australians, aged 15 and over are active smokers, which is around 3 million of the entire population. Knowing this, the question is how can professional hypnotherapy help break the bad smoking habit?

Calms the mind

When you are in a hypnotic trance, the therapist will give you scenarios that will bring your mind to a different place. From here, you will experience moments of calmness and relaxation. She will provide you instructions that will lead you to forget smoking or even any other bad habit you have been doing for years.

Strengthens concentration

Heavy smokers have shorter attention span on their everyday tasks, and this is why they often forget the smallest of details. Under a therapist’s hypnosis, she will teach you how to handle and focus on thought she wants you to see in your mind’s eye. Some of the end results include lesser chances of divided attention, negative thoughts, and higher chances of opting for a healthier diet.

Increases presence of mind

Whenever a person gets into a trance, her mind will focus on those thoughts continually until the therapist asks her to relax for a moment. This results in an increased awareness and alertness if the treatment were to be successful. It is reported that nicotine causes minor psychological changes to smokers, like lack of mindfulness and laziness at times.

Relieves depression

Smoking is one of the major causes of depression, according to a recent health study. Even smokers admit that there are times that they feel lonely, thus the craving for cigarettes that they feel. Quitting may be easier said than done. This is why undergoing hypnotherapy will help you reduce your appetite for smoking. This, in turn, veer your mind away from depressing thoughts and ruminations that will lead you to highlight better things in your life.

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