Printed Promotional Pens – Cheap and Effective

Every new aspiring business and even some well established ones need to constantly stay in touch with their customers and devise new innovative methods to gather a wider customer base. What better way than through printed promotional pens? Pens are widely used stationary and they tend to change hands very often. So using printed promotional pens, you have in your hands a very valuable and powerful medium of advertisement. Many industries and business use this tool as a valuable means of advertising and since they are a very inexpensive method, they are most widely used. We are the best in this aspect, printing, procuring and even distributing printed promotional pens.

Compared to a conventional advertisement such as a billboard, or a newspaper space, promotional products are very cheap. You can get such pens as cheap as 8 cents per piece. This turns out to be a very effective way to cut expenses, especially if you are a new start up or a fresh business, and at the same time promote your wares efficiently.


Using printed promotional pens also makes your beneficiaries, a walking billboard. Almost everyone out there, who is in contact with the user, will see your brand name or logo. This develops as an interest and your name gets affixed in their mind. This is a chain reaction. If more people see your wares, they’ll spread it through word of mouth and more advertising as a result.

Every single person loves free goodies and as a result, loves the person or people who give them. This a great reason to invest in printed promotional pens. Giving such pens out in meetings, gatherings, conferences or even I the street is a sure way to get your business noticed. And it a very good thing that one of the most used products by people of every age group is pens. So you have a happy potential customer as a result.

Distributing affordable Promotional Gift comes under the category of good will advertising. It is very useful. Consider this situation where you and a rival company both are vying to sell your goods. If you distribute such promotional gifts, and your rival does not, it develops a good will among the people and they are more likely to choose you than your rival. This can increase the prospects of your business flourishing drastically. You are not manipulating or making false deals. All you are doing is just taking advantage of basic human nature.