The national safety laws state that a professional plumber with a valid license must be engaged to construct rainwater pipes which are used to provide water supply to houses. Any kind of pumps, including pressure boosting ones for rainwater plumbing have to be installed by a professional.

Flouting these rules not only results in costly damages and potential accidents but also monetary loss (you can be sure your insurance company won’t pay for any damages in this case).

Problems with Gas Lines

Any kind of repair work with gas lines is potentially dangerous and is best left to trained plumbers. You might be wondering about the connection between gas line issues and plumbing, but this is a very common issue. You will be surprised to see that most professional plumbers are trained to undertake gas line work. Only individuals with special licenses are legally permitted to do this kind of work as there are strict rules and safety regulations to be followed.

Doing all the plumbing tasks yourself might take longer than necessary. A plumbing contract is a better option as it takes lesser time. However you need to make alternate arrangements for the period of home renovation.

The legal aspect

Any major changes or alterations to your bathroom will require council approval. You must check with your local council before starting with any major changes in your bathroom. Some tasks like roof plumbing might require a license, thus it is better to employ a professional.

Rainwater tanks

Installing a rainwater tank might require approval from the building authorities. You can personally install tanks and stands, irrigation systems, downpipes etc but it is advisable to hire plumber for installing automatic mains water diverter, pressure boosting pumps and similar equipment.

Fixing up errors

Sometimes the DIY projects do not turn out as expected and can make the condition worse. You might have to hire a plumber to fix up the damage as well as carry out the renovation process. So it is better not to try if you are not too sure as you might end up wasting time and money. It is better to find a plumber in Toowoomba who would perform the task in minimum time and charge a reasonable price for the same.