How Should You Go About Planting Agapanthus?

The flowers and plants can bring life to your garden and they are considered staples. Your garden or lawn will be drab-looking and lifeless without them. Flowers with beautiful colors can always draw the attention of passers-by and neighbors. One of the notable plants you can consider is the Agapanthus plant and this has been commonly used for gardens and landscapes. They are often referred to as lily of the nile and taking extra care of the plants must be observed as they are usually vulnerable to extreme weather conditions during winter season.

This type of plant loves the sun and if you are going to place it on the part of your garden that is not directed to sunlight, it will not produce flowers. If the plants are new, it is important that you water them as soon as you unpack them. Do not place them in another pot as you need to allow them to settle first for a couple of days. You will also have to consider that once this plant has settled, you will no longer have difficulties growing them. There is no need to fertilize them every so often and they can also grow in different types of soil including clay soil. If you are just a beginner when it comes to gardening, you can consider growing this plant as it is not hard to maintain.

Although this plant loves the sun, you will still need to transfer it to a much shadier are when climate is very hot because it can scorch the leaves. You should also be aware that the plant is easy to maintain especially once it has already established. If you see old flower heads or when the leaves turn yellow, you need to pull them away. This plant often blooms between mid November to end of January. If you want to divide the seed, propagation needs to be done.

This plant comes in different varieties and you need to take note of the proper care for each type. All you need to do is to refer to the back label so you will be able to know how you should take care of this plant. Agapanthus NZ are indeed attractive and can spruce up your garden. With plenty of varieties to choose from, you will surely enjoy planting them. Some of the species that you can consider are queen mum, maleny blue, alba rosea, electric blue and many others.