Picking The Best Photo Booth Hire

Instead of hiring a traditional photographer, a great alternative is wedding photo booth hire Melbourne. Whatever plans are being made, guests simply love photo booth hire where they can take pictures with friends and relatives in whatever poses they fancy. At any event, be it a wedding on an anniversary, they are a great way for guests to capture pictures of themselves without going through the formality of posing for a professional photographer. They are also very good icebreakers at events where the guests may not know each other, particularly well. There are plenty of options to choose the right booth for a particular event.

You will get a whole variety of photo booth hire for probably a fraction of the price for a professional photographer and these range from passport photograph style booths to luxury enclosed ones. Nobody can go wrong with a classic booth which will lend a touch of class to any event, particularly if it has premium features. An open air booth works best for group photographs because a lot more people can be accommodated in the photograph. Tower style booths are perfect for fun group photographs because they can do a lot more than normal enclosed booths. The only thing that they do not work for is a childrens party because children are not tall enough and the camera is at a fixed height but they work for anything else.

In photo booth hire, there are cheaper booths available if price is the main concern. There will be fewer features, but it is possible to find a mobile booth without spending too much money. They will accommodate a maximum of three people and do not have touch screen monitors but they are quick to set up and can be ready to be used within 5 min.. On the other hand, if budget is not a constraint, the option could be a custom booth designed to include slow motion videos, sharing of social media, data capture, and much more. The only real limiting factor is the imagination of the people using the booth provided the photo booth operator is properly briefed on the requirements.

Everybody knows that price is a factor in photo booth hire, but if this is the only consideration, it may be a problem. The person looking for the booth should ask what the priorities and the expectations are of the photo booth operator console that person needs to check what is included in the price quotation and what is not. How long is the rental period and is there extra payment required for options such as slideshows, graphics, online gallery and so on. Make sure that there is no travel fee charged or hidden fees, such as DJs or professional photographers. Some companies deliberately offer complicated pricing structure and then try and get away with the maximum charges.