Physiotherapy for Migraines and Headache


Generally people who frequently suffer from face migraines and headaches tend to describe feeling as though their head is going to explode.

They often quote their experiences and then wish to be admitted to the hospital rather than suffering the pains of migraine and headache.

While of course, the two conditions are basically health-related, however it is no secret that more often than not, both ailments could also be by-products of a hectic lifestyle.

Over time, medicos have suggested physiotherapy can turn out to be advantageous in treating and curing both the problems.

Migraines and Headaches

Migraine is a chronic and the second-most common type of primary headache. The common causes are said to be, fluctuation in hormones, genetic and environmental factors.

Migraines are further related to nausea and vomiting problem causing digestive problems. Headaches can arise due to a variety of factors such as acidity, stress, anxiety, environmental and fluctuation in blood pressure as well.

Sciatica – What is it?

Sciatica is actually considered as a symptom of other medical ailment altogether. So it’s vital that the root-cause of the problem is recognized and duly treated.

The treatment for sciatica is most traditional. The doctor could ask you to apply heat or ice in the area which pains. The doctor will also advise you to take prescribed meds and also cut down on physical activity.

In some cases, the patient could also find that there is a complete loss of any sensation, and that he is not able to feel his legs.

In case if the problem persists or aggravates, various exercises are recommended by physiotherapist help to reduce stress on the Sciatic nerve. See CBD physiotherapist

Medication, surgery, spinal injections and continuous observation of physiotherapists will help to reduce and further remove the nerve pain.