Patent Agent vs Patent Attorneys

If you simply need a professional for filing and getting you the patent application, you can go to a patent agent who has technical degrees but no legal expertise. But if it is a patent and a comprehensive legal coverage you want, then it can be done by, none other than, a Trademark Attorneys with a thorough knowledge of patent law.

The fees

Modern day attorney have a flat billing system rather than hourly billing. This is definitely more convenient and allows you more breathing space. Before finalising a project, get the attorney to brief you on the probable fees. But beware of very low fees; this saving may not land you the best services.

A word of caution

Don’t reveal more than required information to an attorney during a preliminary interview. Just be specific about the area of work to find if he can help you in it.

You do not know yet if he has financial interests in any of your competitors. Also, read up the methods and processes of a patent application before a consultation, this will help you to understand your attorney’s skills better.

Choosing a competent patent attorney can be crucial to the success of your invention or popularity of your product. Popular products like Kubota excavators have given importance for its patent. Be thorough in your methods and take some extra time to get your work done to save you time, money, energy and it is assured that you will not repent later. Branding is the name of the game in business.