Options For Changing The Background In A Photo Booth Hire

When you have an event, you likely want to have something your guests can remember everything with. Among the great ways you can provide your guests with a way to remember your event is through the use of photo booth hire Sydney. When you make the decision to get this kind of booth for your event, you may want to do something different from the rest. This includes changing the background for the booth. Among the options for you to do this is to have a customized background, or to have a green screen, or to utilize the event itself as the background for your pictures. This way, you’ll have exactly the kinds of photos you want to have at your booth.

Customize Your Background

Many people like to have a customized background on their photo booth hire. This is something that can include the logo for your company or event as well as any sponsors you might have. If the booth is at a private event, you can have a background that includes information about the party itself. These backgrounds are printed on large sheets that can be opened and closed. This way, you can have one or several backgrounds depending on what interests you the most at the time. Changing the backgrounds is pretty easy to accomplish, so you get exactly the look you’re going for.

Use a Green Screen

If you simply cannot decide on a customized background, you can utilise a green screen. This way, when your guests want to change the background, they can do so at the push of a button. You can even have it available for your guests to appear as if they’re on an alien landscape if that will work for your event. Many professionals who offer photo booth rental services have these kinds of backgrounds and the technology to make them work in your favour. Your guests will love the ability to alter the background without having to change out any sheets. Just press the button to choose another background and you’re on your way to even more fun.

Use Your Event as the Background

You will likely have spent a lot of money on your event. With this being the case, it doesn’t make sense to omit the event from the pictures people are taking. Having an open back photo booth hire allows everyone to see the event in the background of the photos. All you have to do is make sure the lighting stays bright enough on the event so it will show up in all the pictures. Some of the pictures will end up looking like nothing more than selfies, but that’s okay when you’re talking about the kinds of memories people will want to look back on and remember fondly. Best of all, this will help to reduce the costs you are already facing for a great event people will be talking about.