Most Common Types of Cycling Accidents

According to some reports, thousands of cycling lost life or get serious injuries in cycle road accidents.

The figure in the report mentions only the number of cases reported to the police. The major reasons traced out for the occurrence of the accidents are loosing control over the vehicle, fast driving, playing tricks by trying new stunts or even collision with other vehicles.

Statistical reports

As per figures, 75 percent of serious accidents take place in fatal turns or blind turns due to which the cyclist tends to lose control over the cycle. 80 percent of the accidents occur in daylight. The cycling accidents increase when the children grow older and try to perform stunts and speedy cycling.

Common cycling accidents

The most common types of cycling accidents include firstly loss of control over the cycle.

As described by the cyclists, they generally mention that they did not see what was coming or where the cycle was trying to move.

Another one includes taking right to left turn on a minor road due to which many cyclists slip while taking the turn. Head injuries, are reported to be the common type of cycling accident.

Types of accidents

Almost17 percent of the cycling accidents include reckless and reckless riding. Many cyclists have stated the cause of their accidents to be some kind of distraction on the road or absence of alertness over the presence of any other vehicle nearby.

Another most contributory factor in the accidents were riding on the pavement by leaving the road to enjoy the drive in a casual manner. See Compensation Lawyer Sydney

Pattern of injuries

In the cycle accident casualties, 40 percent is arm injuries while 25 percent is leg injuries. 5 percent of chest and injury patterns reported are generally found to be linked with the head injuries. Fractures, minor cuts are the other common patterns.