Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is conducted while the is laying comfortable treatment bed, the patient is laying comfortably, with no cloths on (part for underwear), while his/her body is covered with sheet/towel. during the massage the patient is completely covered part for the part massage therapist is working on.

In the beginning of the therapy the massage Gold Coast therapist will use technics to relax the body and the muscles to allow the therapist enter the deep layers of the muscles and take apart the Tendons/muscles fibbers without any resistance.

Sometimes the therapist is helping the patient relax by meditative guides where the brain is sailing to other shires, forget his/hers troubles and move to another phase where he/she is relaxed and happy. Even the sound in the background has special point while it is helping with helping creating alternative reality. After patient’s body is relaxed and peaceful, and will give away easily without any fear, the touch becomes more real, strong and precise.