Gold Coast massage

Every since I have started to study I’m very busy, studies , work, friends etc… so not much time is left over to spend with my dear mother. On last Wednesday have had day off and i said to my mum “today we are going traveling”. We packed ourselves into the car and we drove from the far south.

Immediately when arrive the heavy heat was flooding us in waves of sweat and I said to my mum that with all do respect it is hot and I would like to be spoiled. And then we decided we are going to a real indulgence day and so it’s been.

When we get there, we saw the guy from Solana Beach CA real estate who is working hard to close the deal on the other side of the road. Then we entered into an amazing spa at surfers paradise, we noticed the establishment immediately as the signage is quite inviting, the minute we walked in they dressed us with spoiling washing robes with great essence of flowers and we were taken to a warm hot tub and especially enjoyable.

After the hot tub we had an amazing massage, my mum took treatment with hot rocks and I choose a shiatsu treatment which without a doubt didn’t leave any muscle contract. After the massage we were spoil with a meal that included warm backed goods that just left the oven and great salads. Just an anecdote, I have no doubt that the masseuse was recruited using a health recruitment consulting company that due the professional manner of the massage it self.

I have no doubt that the Gold Coast massage, or the massage Gold Coast, was amazing and turned the hot day the an unforgettable experience. Since then I have been already twice in Gold Coast massage (Once with a girlfriend and once with my sister). I cam e to conclusion that massage is an amazing , calming experience and it could be that i’m a little addicted to it.

Just a nuance having a massage with the combination of ultrasonic cavitation using ultrasonic cavitation machine the results of loosing weight and feeling well relexed after a session will radiant from you.