Different categories of Safetysigns

Safetysigns are signs in order to warn or remind individuals in a certain location as a way to keep everyone in the vicinity safe from any possible accidents that may arise should personnel from an establishment be not able to provide a verbal warning to the people in the vicinity. Safetysigns are perfect as it is not only a physical sign but it also provides images and warning texts in several languages which can help both non-native speakers of the language in a country a person is in. Safetysigns are divided into several categories namely prohibitive signs, warning signs and mandatory signs just to name a few and each will be discussed below.

Prohibitive signs

Prohibitive signs are safetysigns that forbids people from doing something specific and is often seen in places where safety is of the highest priority. An example of this is a no-smoking area in hospitals and gasoline stations or a no swimming sign in potentially dangerous waters. Otherwise known as the “no sign”, a prohibitive sign is known primarily for a large red circle with a line drawn diagonally inside it. Inside this logo is the action or item that is prohibited for people to do.

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Warning signs

Another known category of a safetysign is the warning sign. A warning sign is a known for its black triangle against a backdrop of yellow which is meant to catch the attention of the people of the impending danger that he or she might come across with and should be extra careful with proceeding with what he or she is doing. Some examples of warning signs include toxic substances or radioactive areas which are used in some areas in hospitals as well as a plethora of different warning signs used for roads namely curves, arrows and intersections.

Mandatory signs

The mandatory sign is the opposite of the prohibitive sign. While the prohibitive sign is used in order to prevent people from doing possible harm to themselves or to the vicinity, the mandatory sign is a sign which requires people to do specific actions to uphold the safety of a location. A mandatory sign is often in the color blue with pictures and texts to go with it. Some known examples of mandatory signs are found in construction sites or factories namely hard hats must be worn, wear eye protection and even navigation lights compulsory.