Maintenance Tips for Roller Blinds

One of the things why people do not consider roller blinds is the maintenance. They thought that it is hard to maintain, maybe because they really just do not know the process. If you will come to think of it, this window cover is almost the same as curtains in terms of maintenance, as long as you know how to do it right, the job is just easy and smooth.

To help you get started, below are things you need to do:

Cleaning tips

  • For very large roller blinds, soaking it in a tub is not enough. You can use a rectangular kiddie pool instead. To keep the water, you can use wood to hold each edge. This can guarantee that the item will not float
  • The use of colour-safe bleach is highly recommended when cleaning to add cleaning power when you are using coloured roller blinds
  • Harsh cleaners should never be used when cleaning the fabric, as it can cause damage to the material. Instead of extending the life of it from cleaning, you might end up shortening its life
  • For spot cleaning, you can use a slightly moist cloth and let it dry completely before you hang it back
  • It is necessary that you perform regular cleaning to avoid all stains and major dirt from building up
  • Do not force to clean it, if you do not know how to do so. Hire a professional to make sure cleaning will be done right

Operational tips

  • You do not need to wait for your roller blinds to get broken, have it checked by professionals from time to time to ensure they are in pristine condition
  • Once you observe any issues, let professionals check on it immediately. The longer you wait, the more problems you may occur
  • Check on your warranty card and see whether the problem is still covered under warranty. If so, let the manufacturer fix the problem so that the warranty will not be voided

As long as you buy the roller blinds from the right manufacturer, you are on the right track.