What to Look for in a Makeup Artist

Finding a great makeup artist can be a tough task. There are many makeup artists around Australia. The challenge is to pick who amongst them to hire? You would never want to hire a service from someone who cannot give you the look you want to achieve on a given occasion. If it is your first time hiring service from a makeup artist, you should consider the factors below:

Check the portfolio of the makeup artist

The first thing you should check is their website. Most of them post all their creations online. Here, you can check the diversity of their work and how they provide different looks for different faces and occasions. They may also post the events they attended, training, the courses they finished, the famous people they serviced, as well as their professional achievements.

Apart from their website, you can always check on reviews from their previous clients. Happy customers will definitely be so proud posting their photos before and after application of cosmetics. If the customer is not satisfied, they will make sure that people will know.

Ask questions

Do not hesitate to contact your chosen artist and ask him/her all relevant questions. You are not obliged to hire someone just because you asked them questions relevant to their service.

Questions can be anywhere around the cosmetics he/she use, his/her availability, how he/she charge fees, his/her experiences and so on.

Check their cosmetics kit

There is nothing wrong if you request them to show you his/her cosmetics kit. Through this, you can assess whether his/her stuff clean and organised. How he/she organises his/her stuff will give you an idea on how well he/she handle his/her profession. If he/she gives importance to his/her cosmetics and tools then that means he/she loves and values his/her job.

Does he/she listen?

Does he/she listen to what you want? This is important, you have a specific look you want to achieve, so it is a must that your makeup artist knows how to listen to what you want him/her to accomplish.

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