Workplace Injuries

Workers in many factories and industrial sites may be exposed to toxic chemicals, noxious gases and fluids while carrying out routine tasks. They might have to keep working in such hazardous environments for the entire period of their career. Many jobs might require you to work in areas where the noise level is extremely high or puts excessive strain on your eyes.

Such occupations might lead to partial or total deafness or blindness, asthma, silicosis, pneumoconiosis, chest or lung cancers, and other life threatening diseases. Compensation Lawyer Sydney would be able to build a robust case that’ll help you to get recompense for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and loss of income due to disability.

Batteries and assaults

You run the risk of getting hurt or injured if you’re physically assaulted by co-workers or colleagues. Most workplaces have labour unions to protect the working rights of employees. Trouble might brew up between opposing factions that might lead to violent fights and you’re prone to be physically attacked.

Vehicle accidents

You have the right to claim Workers’ Compensation if suffer an injury from a vehicle accident while driving your office vehicle during duty hours.

Falls slips and trips

You might trip, fall or slip while climbing or going down the staircases. Slippery surfaces in your work area might also lead to such mishaps.


More often than not, an accident or disaster can be fatal leading to the death of the worker. The dependants of the deceased’s are entitled to get all types of compensation listed under death benefits of the Workers Compensation policy.