Persons Eligible for Applying For a Parenting Order

Any individual/s responsible for taking care of the child and for the child’s development or welfare can apply for a parenting order. This includes both the parents, any one of the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts or other relatives and the child. Usually, people resort to court proceedings for issuing parenting orders when disputes between the two parties over children are not amicably resolved outside of court.

Applying for a parenting order is a huge step and you should seek expert legal advice before taking any monumental decision. Hiring Family Lawyer will enable you to understand all your legal responsibilities and rights and how the law may be applied to your case.

If necessary, family lawyers will sit down with both parties and reach an amicable settlement. This will eliminate the need (for both parties) for going to court. You can either apply to the Family Court of Australia (if the case is too complex) or to the Federal Magistrates Court. Let your family attorneys decide where you should apply, depending on your legal circumstances.

You can also apply for a change in the existing court orders to vary the order if the circumstances of the parties or the child change considerably.

The court order will delineate the steps you need to take to appeal to the court for a variation of the existing order, any kind of aspect related to the development, welfare, and care of the child and processes required for resolution of disputes regarding the court order’s terms of operation. Persons or person referred to here can indicate parents, either of the parent or caregivers such as relatives or grandparents.