Nullifying A Marriage

A formal declaration of nullity will mean that there is no valid legal marriage between two individuals even if a legal marriage ceremony might have taken place. The validity of a marriage can only be questioned or nullified in a formal court of law. These kinds of procedures should only be followed on the advice of family lawyers who are well versed in all aspects of family law.

Conditions calling for the nullifying of the marriage contract

A court of law can declare the marriage invalid between two individuals if one or both of them was already married to someone else and the previous marriage is legal and binding. Marriage can also be null and void according to the court if one or both individuals were under the legal age for marriage.

In such circumstances, it’s highly likely that one or both parties didn’t have necessary approvals for the marriage. If it is proved in court by the evidence presented by family lawyers that either or both parties were forced to enter the marriage through coercive means or both were under duress, the marriage stands nullified.

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How to apply for nullity of your marriage

If you are convinced that you want to apply for nullity of your marriage, there are a number of things you should do.

You must fill up a document called the initiating application. This document is best filled up after consultation with Family Lawyers. Along with the documents, you need to attach a stamped affidavit.