IELTS is Mandatory for Skilled Migration Visa

Skilled migrants travelling to Australia should take note. The Visa requirements to travel to the country now include a IELTS test. Language barriers can stop even the most skilled and talented workforce from getting their dream jobs in the country, which is why under the new rule, clearing the IELTS test has been made mandatory by the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Skill levels in the IELTS

There are seven skill levels in the IELTS exam, ranging from ‘Proficient English’ to ‘No English’. The first four of these levels are beneficial for your General Skill Migration Visa as they add additional points to your Visa points if you clear them with high marks. The IELTS level of No English will mean that you have no extra point added to your Visa points and it may even cause you to be rejected for a visa.

Therefore it is a good idea to take classes to clear the IELTS exam if you are not very proficient in the language, as it will not only help you get the visa points required but also come in handy later when you are working in Australia.

It is also important to note that some vocations require you have a certain IELTS score which is a must to get a job in that field. Engineers and teachers are examples of this. Hence, if you are applying for visa for a nominated occupation, then you should be aware of the score requirements and the IELTS score level needed for it.