How to Select a Legal Counsel for Your Personal Injury Claim

It’s important to fill in the Notice for accident claim form with guidance from your personal injury lawyers. Don’t forget to attach your medical certificate duly attested by your treating doctor.

The law requires all victims to file claims within the maximum time frame of 9 months post the accident. If serious complications/injuries are apparent after this time frame, a special appeal can be made. The claim should be filed within one month of the first lawyer consultation. The first hearing of the court will generally commence within three months of your filing the claim.

The role of insurance agencies

Insurance agencies connected with the party liable/ responsible for the accident will ultimately pay for your expenses if your claim is successfully accepted. You and your personal injury lawyers need to contact the insurance agency with your version of the accident occurrence and the contacts of witnesses to the incidence.

The agency will ask for a copy of the police report and contact the liable party for their version of the story. They may hire an investigator, in which case you will receive copies of the investigation documents. The insurance agency will usually let you know of their decision within the first six months of receiving the completed claim. If your claim is accepted, the medical expenses within a reasonable limit will be reimbursed.

The Settlement Offer

If your claim is accepted, the agency will be making a settlement offer based on their assessment. You will receive a deed of release or some formal documents (stating that you agree with the offered terms and conditions) which need to be signed.

The insurance agency will also offer a Medicare Notice of Judgement and Settlement that will state that your claim is settled. You will receive your cheque after a prefixed time period after you send the completed signed documents. Contact Personal Injury Lawyers Sydney to assist you with your claim if you face any issues in this process.