Difference between an Innovation Patent and Standard Patent

An innovation patent is fundamentally different from a standard patent. You usually apply for an innovation patent when you want an invention to be endorsed that is not ingenious or resourceful enough to satisfy the eligibility criteria for a standard patent. A standard patent on the other hand has more teeth in that it seeks to legally protect your invention that has a long term commercial viability.

Innovation patent

An innovation patent is comparatively a more novel concept in the patent industry that was brought in as late as 2001. Innovation patents are generally sought for product developments and inventions that are expected to remain commercially feasible only for a short period.

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They are easily obtainable, the necessity to scrutinize innovation patents are not mandatory and are provisional in nature. You can apply for a provisional or innovation for an inventive product that’ll also qualify for a standard patent but the same will be legally enforceable for only 8 years.

Attributes of an innovative patent

Although assessment of an innovation patent prior to grant is not absolutely essential but if you want to exercise your exclusive commercial rights over your invention, then examination becomes obligatory followed by a certification. An innovation patent can be obtained within 2 months from the filing date. It’d cost about $150-170 for an online application.

Thereafter you keep on paying a renewal fee (for the patent to remain legitimate) that increases cumulatively till you pay upto $240 in the 7th year.