Laws related to Leaving an Accident Scene

While nobody wants to be involved in a vehicle accident it’s a fact that they are alarmingly unpredictable and can happen to anyone anywhere. You should obey all traffic rules and abstain from rash driving but still there are chances that you might be involved in an accident. You should know about what to do in case you are involved in an accident as the law expects you to act in a certain way.

Three things you are legally bound to do

Even if the vehicle accident wasn’t your fault you are not supposed to walk away from the accident scene before doing three essential things. You are morally and legally bound to help accident victims in distress. Secondly you are legally bound to exchange contact details with the other driver or the property owner which have might have been injured due to the accident.

Most importantly you are bound by law to go straight to the nearest police station and tell them about the accident. This is especially true in case of the accident happening in an isolated spot with no one around to report it. Experienced compensation lawyers will tell you that it is a serious offence to walk away from the scene of the accident without doing these things.

Three options for you

The first is to plead not guilty to the charges. In this case you will have to prove your innocence with/ without the help of a lawyer. The second option is where you plead guilty and you undergo punishment meted out by the judge. The third option is to ask for diversion (applicable in less serious cases). You have to obey certain preset conditions but you will be saved from a criminal record.