Kitchen Glass Cover

The Australian kitchen is forming the centre of the house and consider as the most invested designed area in the house, the early planing and the financial investment on every renovation or construction or home maintenance. In the past the use of china, ceramics and natural stone as protectives to the wall for humidity and stains and as surfaces easy to clean. But these decoration is not a proper property management, and will not improve your house value when it is being sold or rented, in most cases plumbing is more important to be in its best.

The new trend these days in the area of covering the kitchen walls is the glass splashback.

Types of kitchen spalashbacks

It is common to install kitchen splashback Brisbane made from processed glass (Surface hardening and polishing) in 6mm thikness. Their is no need to use thicker glass that so it will not be too heavy. the above glass is strong enough and can stand high temperatures and even strong vulnerability . It is important that the glass will be from type “Clear” (Some know it as extra Clear), it is glass that went through the proccess of excluding the led and therefor its clearer and with the greenish tone which will cause change in the kitchen colour tone. It is possible to get the kitch splashback in colour tone and therefor choose from a great range of colours, starting with the common white and cream colours and finish with every other tone the RLA is offering, metallic colours and more. Another possibility to cover the kitchen walls is the printable cover and for that can be chosen endless samples.